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  • Cauliflower – Good For More Than Just Ears May 10, 2018
    When you hear the term “superfood” thrown around, the first items that come to mind are maybe acai, almonds, avocados, quinoa, kale… the list goes on. One common vegetable you’ve probably been eating since your parents used to force it on you that does deserve to be on every superfood list is cauliflower. Cauliflower has […]
    Mike Velez
  • Flow States – Optimizing Your Jiu-jitsu Experience May 10, 2018
    The state of optimal mental and physical performance a person experiences when “in the zone” is also known as a “flow state”. Flow states are reached when an athlete or performer has reached a peak state of total immersion and enjoyment with laser focus in a task. In a state of flow, the perception of […]
    Ricardo Castaneda
  • No-Gi Finishes With Vinny Magalhaes May 8, 2018
    Fresh off of his ACB BJJ victory over Gordon Ryan, we look back when Vinny was kind enough to spend an afternoon with us. He showed us some great sequences of attacks. In this video clip (available now on iRoll.tv) Vinny shows us a clever toehold from the 50/50 guard. If you haven’t seen those, […]
    Jim Lawson
  • ACB 13: Buchecha, Lo New Champions; Vinny Stops Gordon; Other Results May 6, 2018
    The Long Beach Pyramid was the setting this Saturday, May 5, for another insanely stacked card in the ACB series of Jiu-Jitsu events. ACB 13 featured 14 matches leading to two title fights in the middleweight and heavyweight divisions. Here’s how the two belts changed hands. Heavyweight  Marcus Buchecha and João Gabriel Rocha battled for […]
    Ivan Trindade