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  • The Submission Grappling Universe Has Just Expanded April 10, 2018
    Go to any jiu-jitsu tournament and you will most definitely witness competitors from multiple academies competing against each other and their teammates rooting them on from the sidelines. Some of the larger teams may even break into a chant/counter chant that represents their academy in competition.  In the larger tournaments such as IBJJF and Abu […]
    Jim Lawson
  • The Joys of Nut Butters March 30, 2018
    If you’ve been a kid, which we all have been, except for the Miyao Bros who were created in a lab specifically for jiu-jitsu, then we have fond memories of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You remember those delicious and easy sandwiches our parents whipped together in an instant and threw in a plastic baggie […]
    Mackenzie Arrington
  • Fuji Sports Grapple Pack Fujisports.com March 30, 2018
    What to transport your jiu-jitsu gis and gear in is a serious dilemma. You could go the cheap route and throw all your gear in a big trash bag, but nobody wants that. You could commingle your gear with the backpack that you might use to carry your laptop and other items in, but who […]
    JJM Staff
  • Brian Edwards From Good to Great March 30, 2018
    Age: 42  |  Height: 6’ 4”  |  Starting Weight: 240lbs  |  Current Weight: 195lbs Hometown: Florence, SC  |  Home School: SwampFox Jiu-Jitsu  |  Instructor: Tim Jones Brian Edwards was a big guy (he weighed 240lbs) when he started training jiu-jitsu eight years ago. That might seem like a lot, but at six feet four inches tall, […]
    JJM Staff