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  • Recovery Techniques December 7, 2017
    Everyone reacts to training and life differently. Training, workouts, work, family, and other life stresses have an effect on all of us. Your specific situation will determine the methods used for recovering between sessions and leading up to competition. If you are feeling irritable, restless, not sleeping well, and stressed out…you might want to try: […]
    Corey Beasley
  • Giving Back To Kids December 7, 2017
    This month’s Success story is something a little different. It comes to us from Annie and David Iturrino of Mount Dora/Eustis BJJ Academy in Eustis Florida. Annie is a brown belt while David is a black belt. During November of 2014, Annie was diagnosed with cancer. Over the path of two years, she had no idea […]
    JJM Staff
  • Submission Wrestling With Garry Tonon: The Granby Roll December 1, 2017
    Over the last few years, Garry Tonon has become a fixture in the submission grappling and no-ni jiu-jitsu scene. From Metamoris to EBI to IBJJF tournaments, Garry has proven himself as one of the sport’s most dominant no-gi jiu-jitsu fighters. Seemingly ready to fight anyone, anywhere, Tonon routinely delivers with submissions finishes. His signature leg […]
    Will Safford C.S.C.S
  • Whole Food vs Supplements November 27, 2017
    Is it possible for athletes to achieve optimum performance through healthy diet alone? You eat a reasonably good diet, get in some green veggies every day and try to limit the junk food, right?  Why then do you need to use nutritional supplements at all? You don’t. Unless you want to achieve optimum levels of […]
    JJM Staff