Yoga for Fighters? (Hip Flexibility Routine)

Yoga for fighters is a yoga routine to help increase flexibility in your hips. Veronica takes you through a full yoga routine for fighters that will help with hip flexibility. This routine will help to open the hips and avoid injury.   Watch more of videos! Subscribe:...

Home MMA Striking Tabata Workout

Here is a quick MMA, boxing, or striking tabata workout. Jab, Cross, Body Shot, Body Shot on the Focusmaster G-1000. Perfect for the home user who wants to get a quick workout in at...

Mixed MMA Workout & Heavy Bag Grappling!

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Sub Grappling, BJJ and wrestling classes available at the BATCAVE with top coaches from Olympic wrestling and Carlson Gracie Black belts

Strength & Conditioning for Grappling 4

8 Exercises to help assist you in developing functional strength, and muscular endurance. Don't forget to "LIKE" WC PERSONAL TRAINING ON FACEBOOK!!!! Also, add me to your circles on...

Wrestling Conditioning vs Weight Lifting

Http:// - click HERE for wrestling workouts & FREE tips Wrestling Conditioning vs Weight Lifting - A high school wrestler writes in asking about his Wrestling...

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  • Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: black belt champions crowned in Rio; Carino beats Barreto November 13, 2017
    The final day at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour Rio more than delivered all the thrills expected by the crowds that packed the stands of the Arena Carioca 1, at the Olympic Park, in Rio. The female brown/black belt division, the Legends Super Match and the male black belt division crowned its […]
    Ivan Trindade
  • Grand Slam Rio: Saturday of thrills set up Black Belt Finals for Sunday Grand Finale November 12, 2017
    It may have been a cold and rainy Saturday in Rio, but day two of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour was nothing but hot stuff. The nine mats set up at the Arena Carioca 1 lit up since the first match of the female brown/black belt division and the highlight of the […]
    Ivan Trindade
  • Grand Slam Rio: purple; white belts put on a show on day 1; black belts hit the scales November 11, 2017
    After several days of cold weather and clouded skies, Rio de Janeiro woke up this Friday, November 10, to a typical summer day. The temperature went up to 35 degrees celsius and the sun shined bright in the sky to make the Cariocas happy. With the perfect weather, the Arena Carioca 1, one of the […]
    Ivan Trindade
  • John Danaher: The Squad Leader November 7, 2017
    John Danaher is known for many things within the jiu-jitsu community: the mastermind behind no-gi wizards Garry Tonon, Eddie Cummings, Gordon Ryan, and Nicky Ryan, grappling coach to UFC Champions Georges St. Pierre and Chris Weidman, and the guy who wears a rashguard to mostly all occasions, on and off the mat. But however you’ve […]
    Will Safford C.S.C.S