Yoga for Fighters? (Hip Flexibility Routine)

Yoga for fighters is a yoga routine to help increase flexibility in your hips. Veronica takes you through a full yoga routine for fighters that will help with hip flexibility. This routine will help to open the hips and avoid injury.   Watch more of videos! Subscribe:...

Home MMA Striking Tabata Workout

Here is a quick MMA, boxing, or striking tabata workout. Jab, Cross, Body Shot, Body Shot on the Focusmaster G-1000. Perfect for the home user who wants to get a quick workout in at...

Mixed MMA Workout & Heavy Bag Grappling!

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Sub Grappling, BJJ and wrestling classes available at the BATCAVE with top coaches from Olympic wrestling and Carlson Gracie Black belts

Strength & Conditioning for Grappling 4

8 Exercises to help assist you in developing functional strength, and muscular endurance. Don't forget to "LIKE" WC PERSONAL TRAINING ON FACEBOOK!!!! Also, add me to your circles on...

Wrestling Conditioning vs Weight Lifting

Http:// - click HERE for wrestling workouts & FREE tips Wrestling Conditioning vs Weight Lifting - A high school wrestler writes in asking about his Wrestling...

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  • Dwane Stover; Stroke Survivor June 18, 2018
    On May 2nd, 2018, Dwane did like he did every Wednesday. The two stripe purple belt went into his school (Inyodo martial arts) to take class and roll afterward. At the end of class, after a normal day of training and drills, Dwane felt a little more tired than normal. He didn’t think much of […]
    JJM Staff
  • Todd & Sharon Johnson June 5, 2018
    The success that we see from jiu-jitsu can come in many forms. In this column, we typically highlight physical transformations. This month we have that and much more. Todd and Sharon Johnson both received their jiu-jitsu black belts recently, which on its own is an accomplishment worth saluting. What’s special about the two of them […]
    JJM Staff
  • Garry St Leger Sweep the Leg June 5, 2018
    In the movie “Forrest Gump”, one of the many iconic phrases uttered was “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. That about sums up my experience when I traveled to NYC and visited the iconic Renzo Gracie Academy. Whenever I travel to the NYC area, I try to […]
    Jim Lawson
  • Breakage Breakdown; How Do Armbars Damage Elbows? June 5, 2018
    Luke Pollard fought tirelessly to reach the purple belt absolute finals of the 2014 All Stars tournament in Santa Cruz, California. After several grueling matches, he had only one opponent left to clear before claiming his place on the podium. By his calculation, he was up on points. But with less than 20 seconds remaining, […]
    Brendan Bane